Application Integration

“Enterprises today do not not suffer from the lack of applications. They suffer from the incredibly complex integration of applications that were not designed to work together in a strategic way. As an exemplar of applications that can work together in a common framework…Twister provides the IC enterprise and its users with an ability to rapidly examine captured/found/gathered written documents (in multiple languages)…This state-of-the-art, faster, simpler process will have dramatic positive workflow implications on the IC, saving time and giving analysts more time to think.”

 – Bob Gourley, Former CTO of DIA, Producer of

Customer Use Case: Foreign Language Text Processing

The Intelligence Community (IC) is faced with a massive backlog of captured foreign language documents that have been collected during military operations. With a shortage of cleared human translators, the need for automated document “triage” is critical. The triage process, often referred to as document screening, requires the ability to rapidly determine the value and relevancy of captured foreign language documents. By utilizing various automated screening methods, the backlog of captured documents can be quickly reduced and human translators can focus on the analysis of relevant documents. Twister Data Framework’s Data Integrator is being used within the federal space to create data pipelines incorporating  multiple text analytic products (entity extractors, gazetteers, machine-based translation tools) to deliver data that is usable and accessible for intelligence analysts.