Data Virtualization

Data virtualization is the abstraction of data contained within a variety of databases so that they may be accessed without regard to their physical storage or heterogeneous structure. This concept is commonly used within grid computing, cloud computing and business intelligence systems. Data Virtualization is designed to combine disparate data silos into a single uniform data source and make the data available to consuming applications. Generic Use Cases: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Federated Searching

Customer Use Case: Enterprise, Federated Searching

A large organization has multiple, disparate data stores. The enterprise requires the capability to search all of the data stores, but present the results in different ways. Some of the data is in relational databases, others in XML databases, and some legacy data is simply stored on a shared drive. The end users want to be able to search through a User Interface (UI) like Google, others want to make queries from an analytical front-end like Centrifuge or Palantir. Twister Data Server acts as the query middleware that receives the request, fetches the results, and seamlessly provides the data to the end user in whatever format the front-end tool they are using requires.