Data Consolidation

Data Consolidation captures data from multiple source systems and integrates it into a single persistent data store. This data store may be used for reporting and analysis or can act as a source of data for downstream applications as in an operational data store.  Generic Use Cases: Analytics, Business Intelligence

Customer Use Case: Counterterrorism (CT) and Counterintelligence (CI)

Twister rapidly transforms data sources used in CT and CI analysis by performing the extract, transform, load (ETL) process in parallel. Third party extraction tools are integrated by Twister for use in extracting entities from data sources to populate new databases. Twister’s built-in normalization and transformation routines perform address and date standardization, field splitting, value normalization, and pattern matching operations, among others. With Twister, converting data from one data model to another (e.g., hierarchical to relational), and from one third party tool’s format to another (e.g., message processing system to DBMS) can be completed much faster and at lower cost than custom software development. Twister can deliver data as output to any file format via templates and XSLT and to any database type.

Customer Use Case: Cybersecurity

Computer Network Defense (CND) analysts rely on consolidated and correlated alert and network intrusion data to protect against malicious attacks on our information systems and networks. Twister rapidly ingests and normalizes raw data collected from network gateways and monitoring tools to enable integration, searching, and visualization of the transformed data so that analysts can rapidly respond to CND alerts. With Twister, raw data can be processed, transformed, and delivered more efficiently and effectively to support CND alert investigations and to enable decision makers to direct and enable cyber attacks.

Customer Use Case: Indication and Warnings (I&W)

To predict and prevent events and threats, and to identify trends, I&W analysts need an automated process to extract relevant data and integrate this data for use in I&W analysis tools. Twister’s Data Enrichment capability easily supports populating a repository of extracted entities, links, events, and geolocations to track activities of nodes and networks of interest. In addition, Twister can generate input files for use in I&W modeling & simulation tools. Essential to I&W analysis, Twister’s delivery features include notification of new data availability via watch lists and alerts.