Twister Data Framework Suite

Twister Data Framework is a complete data integration toolkit, supporting both Data Consolidation and Data Federation. Twister Data Framework’s applications work together to better enable organizations to manage their data holdings, and provide access to those holdings by authorized users—all under one software license.

Twister Data Integrator, more than the usual ETL Tool

Data Integrator

Twister Data Integrator allows massive amounts of data to be ingested, normalized, extracted and delivered in parallel. Twister also allows users to build custom data exploitation routines, which can also be exposed as web services, through a simple to use API. Once the data has been normalized, Twister can deliver that data in any format. Data integration and quality play an increasingly important role for organizations implementing business intelligence and analysis strategies. Twister Data Integrator enables these organizations to extract, transform, and load data from across the enterprise to create consistent, accurate information. By linking legacy data and applications, Web-based technologies, and third-party applications into an efficient pipeline that coordinates the data retrieval, enrichment, and delivery processes, Twister Data Integrator allows analytics users to exploit information enterprise-wide. By using Twister Data Integrator, organizations can quickly process digital information and automatically connect an unlimited number of disparate data sources and applications without the need for manual processing or metadata.

Federating data with Twister Data Server

Data Server

Twister Data Server provides data virtualization through a federated query capability. It integrates with the customer’s access management system, allowing users to access data across multiple networks and in multiple formats. Organizations today are coming under increasing pressure to share information more readily and to improve efficiency in business intelligence and reporting. Key to these initiatives is the ability to access data locked in disparate systems and formats enterprise-wide. Companies also are now increasingly faced with uncovering and analyzing large quantities of unstructured information. Access to the information embedded in unstructured data—whether it is in emails, Web pages, presentations, or scanned documents—is vital when mission-critical decisions must be made. This data also must be made available quickly, regardless of its location.  By using Twister Data Server, organizations can easily access multiple data sources, regardless of the location, structure, or complexity, and use that information immediately for analysis and reporting.