Solve Your Data Management and Pipeline Issues

Twister Data Integrator allows massive amounts of data to be ingested, normalized, extracted and delivered in parallel. Twister also allows users to build custom data exploitation routines, which can also be exposed as web services, through a simple to use API. Once the data has been normalized, Twister can deliver that data in any format.


Twist Your Data Anywhere

Unlike traditional “single threaded” Extract Translate and Load (ETL) tools, Twister operates in a completely parallel environment. The Twister framework can be distributed across hundreds of systems, allowing users to take full advantage of COTS hardware, Cloud Enviroments or even Hybrid Clouds. As data arrives into the Twister environment, it is seamlessly spread across the appropriate data cluster. Once the data has been processed it can be reassembled and delivered to a variety of applications in any format. Other highlights of the Twister Data Integrator include:

  • Scalability & Speed
  • Third-Party Tool Integration
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Immediate Data and Alerts
  • SOA Environment Integration Scalability & Speed

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